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Our services at BGS Landscape Architecture & Engineering are broad reaching. Whether it is residential, commercial, or public spaces, our team is committed to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. We have worked with a wide range of clients, from small residential gardens to oceanfront estates, historic preservation and restoration projects, golf course facilities, multi-family residential, cultural institutions, commercial, and equine developments. 

Landscape Architecture Services:

Our Landscape Architecture approach emphasizes the importance of interconnection between all elements in the design process. Factors taken into consideration include the physical environment, human experience, aesthetic, materials, and function. We begin every project with a thorough analysis of the site, and review the environment to identify any constraints in the area. 

Our goal at BGS is to provide beauty in simplicity and function. We provide simplified design solutions that add both technical and aesthetic value. Simplifying a design reduces its complexity, which helps make it more efficient and easier to use. It also allows for increased reliability, and easier maintenance moving forward. 

Aesthetically, a simplified approach creates a sense of elegance, refinement, and clarity. This can be very soothing, and helps creates an environment for humans to feel calm and relaxed in. In order to bring a design concept and outdoor space to life, several important steps and processes need to be completed. The following list below includes our extensive offerings of landscape architecture services:

  • Site Analysis and Evaluation 
  • Landscape Design and Master Planning
  • Plant Selection and Specification
  • Construction Documentation
  • Local & Regional Permitting
  • Construction Administration
  • Lighting Design and Specification
  • Hardscape Design and Specification
  • Landscape Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Ecological Restoration and Conservation 
  • Mangrove Trimming Permitting and Supervision
  • Cost Estimating and Consultation
  • Landscape Maintenance and Management Planning
  • Design Visualization 

Civil Engineering Services:

As a natural complement to landscape architecture, our civil engineering services are tailored to site development, permitting and construction. In Florida, we specialize in stormwater management, water distribution systems and utilities management and permitting. Below is a full list of our civil engineering services at BGS:

  • Grading and Drainage
  • Stormwater Management and Design
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling 
  • Water Management System Design
  • Construction Inspections and Administration
  • Drainage Inspections and Certifications 
  • Local and SFWMD permitting

BE3 and Environmental Services

BE3 is an environmental, engineering and energy consulting company with the experience to provide clients with the guidance and design solutions for environmentally impacted properties. Learn more about BE3 here.


BGS has been involved in a diverse number of projects, ranging from small residential gardens to oceanfront estates. The photo below highlights an oceanfront estate project our team worked on. 

Photo Credit: Mouw & Associates | taken by BWD Drones

At BGS, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by creating visually stunning and harmonious outdoor spaces.  To learn more about our company, services, and completed projects, contact us today.