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BGS Landscape, Architecture & Engineering is conveniently located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. Our headquarters, otherwise referred to as “The Social House,” offers a unique and inspiring environment for our growing firm of design professionals and a great place to meet with clients and contractors for meetings. The open-plan layout and natural light in our office allows for a relaxed, creative atmosphere that promotes collaboration and productivity. 

BGS Studio: The Social House

Beautiful Weather

There are several perks that come along with our headquarters being situated in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. The most obvious perk being the weather. Besides the occasional rain and cloudy days, Lake Worth Beach experiences warm temperatures, blue skies, and sunshine all year round. The beautiful weather is definitely a moral booster amongst our team members at BGS.

Since much of our work requires us to be outside for extended periods of time, it helps to not have to endure freezing cold winter weather.

Hub For Creativity and Innovation

Lake Worth Beach is a hub for creative and innovative businesses, allowing for networking and connecting with other professionals in the area. The office is in close proximity to Palm Beach, where most of the firms works resides, making it very convenient for meetings with clients or conducting sites visit. 

Work-Life Balance

Outside of work, we encourage our employees to enjoy the beautiful area we live in, and participate in fun activities going on in the community. The downtown area is charming, and offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Living in an artistic community has been very beneficial for our own inspiration and creativity. The area also offers outdoor activities and natural spaces for team building, inspiration, and relaxation.


Image Source: Facebook @DowntownLakeWorth | James Stafford Photography

Colorful events fill the streets of Lake Worth Beach throughout the year. This past February, the Lake Worth Beach annual street painting festival took place on the weekend of the 25th and 26th. Here, over 600 artists use the pavement as a canvas to transform downtown Lake Worth Beach into a temporary outdoor museum of original art and masterpiece reproductions. Learn more about this event here.

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Lake Worth Lagoon stretches all the way to  West Palm Beach, and consists of postcard-perfect shores, a new fishing pier, and restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Another spot for those who enjoy fishing to check out is a freshwater lake, Lake Osborne. This area includes boating ramps and fishing piers at John Prince Memorial Park. The park also offers a campground with volleyball and tennis courts, grills, and more. It is a convenient destination to gather and make memories with co-workers, family, and friends. To learn more about Lake Worth Beach, and everything the area has to offer click here.

With so much to offer, Lake Worth Beach has been a tremendous asset to our company’s success, productivity, and inspiration. The area has allowed our team to thrive on a variety of projects, designing innovative spaces that add both technical and aesthetic value. To learn more about BGS and our extensive offerings of services, contact us today.